Kate Thomas & Kleyn

Our Philosophy

Kaat L. Exterbille, Managing DirectorThe complexity of our society requires participative ways of thinking, a constant involvement of all stakeholders on the future of the company and its organisational structure.

But it is difficult to have managers and employees to think "out of the box" when they are focused on putting out fires.

Organisations get mired down in their routines and loose sight of critical issues.

When your stakeholders know which goal the organisation is heading for, they can provide the organisation with early warnings and direction changes based on their specific knowledge. Empowered in their own field, employees can alert the organisation in time… They will be co-managing the company and enable you to anticipate changes and continue without surprises.

Our aim is to improve the company results. We not favour incidental cosmetics actions, but strongly believe that communication, process improvement, behavioural change and visioning go hand in hand.

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